Ravensnest Trout Fishery is set in 7 acres of woodland, situated near Tintern in the Wye Valley, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, part of the Angiddy river.


The fishery consists of 3 fishing lakes, for catch and release and for catch and kill and  is stocked once a week with Rainbow trout, Blues and Browns.


Hot and cold drinks facility and all day breakfast available at our fisheries. Our cabin has a nice selection of fishing accessories for sale including; tackle, lines, flies and sundries, as well as an extensive range of fishing equipment for hire.   


Ravensnest Trout Fishery has become one of Wales most premiere fishing venues with a fine reputation, run by fisherman for fishermen and has been featured in the Trout Fisherman Magazine named as the pond that flows. 


Ravensnest YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/0tHVtu6ee7M





January 20th 2012 ravensnest on Sky Sports.

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Ravensnest Trout Fishery

April 1st 2014 Ken & Dave Edwards from Brecon

Welcome to Ravensnest Trout Fishery 



Raglan Road

NP16 6TP


Phone:    01291 689564




Mieke & Edward Looy





7 days per week, from 08.00 

Fishing after 6.00 pm by appointment only



(please note prices may vary during the year)

10 catch and kill max. 6 hours, plus 2,50 per extra hour.

5,00 per fish.

15 sporting ticket - catch and release max. 6 hours, plus 2,50 per extra hour.















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